Old School forever??

I’ll be trying my hand at an on-line class next week.  As an ‘old school’ student, I’m convinced that brick and mortar, physical attendance and face to face interaction with teacher and student is how to learn.  I enjoy ‘old school’ and I believe ‘old school’ works, but some times you just got to suck it up and try to learn using ‘new school’ methods.  The week or so leading up to this class has been inspirational!  Students world-world wide are signing up for this class.  While it won’t be “interactive” or “real-time” the training videos are posted and there will be forum to interact with the instructors for each lesson.  I thought I’d pick a class that was low stress and something I would enjoy, a craft class.  Don’t laugh! Yes folks, a craft class!  I’m looking forward to learning new techniques and improving my coloring skills.  I told you not to laugh!  I enjoy coloring , but this isn’t just coloring, it’s coloring and blending with alcohol based markers.  The marker brand is called Copic – pronounced with a long o as in coping (CO-pick).  The brand has been used for years by animators, and fashion designers and more recently by crafters. More on my addiction to Copics later!  I’m talking about the on-line class here, so, as a treat to myself – I’m going to learn how to color better and learn some new techniques in the next two and a half weeks.  Stay tuned – I’m going to be posting my lessons and inspirations throughout the class!