Supreme Bethel Remarks

Following the Supreme Bethel meeting, several attendees stopped me to complement me on my remarks, I was touch by their kind words.  A few had even asked for copies.  I offered to post on my blog.

Supreme Bethel Honored Queen, 

Congratulations Supreme Bethel Officers and Representatives. What a great beginning to the year. It is truly humbling to be on this stage assuming the role of Supreme Bethel Guardian. It is hard to believe that only 3 short years ago, my Job’s Daughter sister and mentor Pat Pelham in her excitement of being elected Supreme Marshal turned to me and asked me to serve on the Supreme Bethel Committee and assume this position in three short years! This has been a wild and wonderful ride. I’ve followed some great committee members and it has been an honor to work alongside of them for a few years.

 Thank you Sister Pat and Tim for the honor of serving the Daughters of our Job’s Daughters’ world. I could not have asked for a better partner in Mr. Dave Costa. Thank you Dave for agreeing to serve with me, I think we make a great team for our Daughters. Thank you Shelly, Ralph, Pam and David for your team members to serve on the Supreme Bethel Committee; we are excited to continue the strong work of the Supreme Bethel. We pledge our support to you and our newly selected Supreme Bethel Officers and Representatives. We are a text, email, or phone call away.  

 Thank you Pam and Tom for your hard work this year in keeping the committee informed and on task. You have worked very hard alongside Maddie, to make the Supreme Bethel shine this year.

 A hearty congratulations to the Installing Team, thank you for a job well done. Past Supreme Bethel Honored Queen, Maddie; it has been an honor and pleasure to get to know you this year. I’m glad Mom Jeannie said “No!” to the shirtless firefighters, as a volunteer firefighter for 30 years, no one wants to see me carry you in – though I could. I have enjoyed your travels via Facebook and I hope that I can continue to be your friend. Maddie, I wish for you all the love your heart can hold, all the beauty your soul can see, and may your every dream come true.

 Supreme Bethel Honored Queen, dear Daughter, Paige, you are mine and I am yours this year. We will work together to continue to shine a positive light on our Job’s Daughters’ world. I already love to you to the moon! I am excited beyond belief that I now have 86 Daughters for the year!! I’m sorry that I cannot send you all to college or that I can buy you a new car, but I can give you a smile, a kind word, a piece of friendly advice or a hug. I’m only a text or email away, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope, follow along for fun!!

 I would not be here today without the love and support of my mom and dad. Mom is here and has spent several hours at the Supreme Bethel table. Thanks mom for help this week, my nieces Sara and Jenna have also been at the table as well as several of my Maryland adults and Daughters that have worked behind the scenes to help me along the way – thank you all. My husband Mark sends his regrets that he could not be here, He has agreed to support me in this endeavor while he prepares to assume the office of Potentate of his Shrine Temple in Baltimore.

 Some of you are aware that I work for a very large Law Enforcement agency in Washington, DC. Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts when you see something on scary on the national news in or around Washington DC, but this got me thinking…. what can I say to you to help ease your mind when you see troublesome things on TV or social media. My dear friend and Past Miss International Job’s Daughter, Lonna Seibert posted something that spoke to me on her blog last week; on July 19th; she said at the end of her post, “Whatever we create, whatever words or actions or noise we put into the world, we should be asking ourselves if we are right, if our creations are worthy, if we are kind, and whether we mean them for good, or for harm. We must always question our purpose and measure the effect we have on others and on the world. Otherwise the noise, the clamor of hatred and intolerance, hurts not only our ears, but our sensibilities and eventually, our very humanity.” Daughters of the Supreme Bethel, my advice to you is to make your noise for good, worthy of being a Job’s Daughter and be kind, it costs you nothing to be kind so that our Job’s Daughters teachings shine through you.  

Daughters stay as awesome as you are! Tonight is Coronation ball. Tomorrow evening is the installation SGC. Please, have safe travels home. Thank you for joining us tonight, God bless you all!


I’ll Never Tire of the Beach

I’m a water girl, or more accurately a summer girl through and through. Born in July, astrological sign of Cancer – a year round desire to be warm near the water!! Just lovin’ these few days on the beach, sunburn not withstanding. I’m mesmerized by the waves. Continually crashing against the rocks, sometimes quiet, other times it makes a resounding crack! I thought at first it was thunder, nope, just the waves. This week, as Hurricane Gonzalo passed just to the north of Puerto Rico the waves were violent, loud, frequent and stirred up the bottom of the ocean. Within a day, the calming, rhythmic waves were back. I have slept to the sound of the waves before – just dreaming of when I’m going to be back here or near the ocean again.

A Coconut on the Beach

Today I saw a coconut on the beach. At first I wasn’t sure what I saw amongst the seaweed in the shallow water close to the shore. I was bobbing along partially obscured by the waterline. It was dark maybe like the head of a sea turtle. Do sea turtles live in Puerto Rico? I’m not sure, but I would think that a sea turtle would attract a little bit more attention than this coconut was getting. So, discount the sea turtle. It finally washed ashore the spherical shape came into full view. It was now green and brown, gently rolling in and out with the waves. A young lady walked by, I’m not even sure that she glanced at it, that’s ok, I noticed the coconut on the beach. A larger wave just came in and swept the coconut back out into the water.


Old School forever??

I’ll be trying my hand at an on-line class next week.  As an ‘old school’ student, I’m convinced that brick and mortar, physical attendance and face to face interaction with teacher and student is how to learn.  I enjoy ‘old school’ and I believe ‘old school’ works, but some times you just got to suck it up and try to learn using ‘new school’ methods.  The week or so leading up to this class has been inspirational!  Students world-world wide are signing up for this class.  While it won’t be “interactive” or “real-time” the training videos are posted and there will be forum to interact with the instructors for each lesson.  I thought I’d pick a class that was low stress and something I would enjoy, a craft class.  Don’t laugh! Yes folks, a craft class!  I’m looking forward to learning new techniques and improving my coloring skills.  I told you not to laugh!  I enjoy coloring , but this isn’t just coloring, it’s coloring and blending with alcohol based markers.  The marker brand is called Copic – pronounced with a long o as in coping (CO-pick).  The brand has been used for years by animators, and fashion designers and more recently by crafters. More on my addiction to Copics later!  I’m talking about the on-line class here, so, as a treat to myself – I’m going to learn how to color better and learn some new techniques in the next two and a half weeks.  Stay tuned – I’m going to be posting my lessons and inspirations throughout the class!

Inspired Creations

I thought I would try my hand at blogging.  Publish writings and some of my crafty handiwork.  I took a while for me to come up a name for my blog. I thought Inspired Creations would sum up my activities here very well.  I’m inspired to write, I’m inspired to craft, I’m inspired to do a lot of things in my life.

Considering today is September 11, 2014 – 13 years ago my life was inspired by tragedy.  To be stronger, to be more loving and kind. I hope that I will continue to live and be an inspiration to those around me.  My corner of the word is expanding with the start of this blog across the World Wide Web, so I expect those around me may not be my neighbors in the same block, but will be virtual neighbors.  Enjoying the little pleasures and triumphs that our Blessed Lord brings to our lives every day.

I look forward to this new adventure and ask that you overlook my new blogger fears and boo-boos.  Bear with me WWW, KAM is Inspired!!