I’ll Never Tire of the Beach

I’m a water girl, or more accurately a summer girl through and through. Born in July, astrological sign of Cancer – a year round desire to be warm near the water!! Just lovin’ these few days on the beach, sunburn not withstanding. I’m mesmerized by the waves. Continually crashing against the rocks, sometimes quiet, other times it makes a resounding crack! I thought at first it was thunder, nope, just the waves. This week, as Hurricane Gonzalo passed just to the north of Puerto Rico the waves were violent, loud, frequent and stirred up the bottom of the ocean. Within a day, the calming, rhythmic waves were back. I have slept to the sound of the waves before – just dreaming of when I’m going to be back here or near the ocean again.


A Coconut on the Beach

Today I saw a coconut on the beach. At first I wasn’t sure what I saw amongst the seaweed in the shallow water close to the shore. I was bobbing along partially obscured by the waterline. It was dark maybe like the head of a sea turtle. Do sea turtles live in Puerto Rico? I’m not sure, but I would think that a sea turtle would attract a little bit more attention than this coconut was getting. So, discount the sea turtle. It finally washed ashore the spherical shape came into full view. It was now green and brown, gently rolling in and out with the waves. A young lady walked by, I’m not even sure that she glanced at it, that’s ok, I noticed the coconut on the beach. A larger wave just came in and swept the coconut back out into the water.


See I told you there was homework

The on-line class does have homework!  I’ve been working in the evenings coloring!  I’m taking a Copic class learning how to better use these alcohol based markers. Blending, shading, light sources, coloring skin and hair has been some of our lessons this week. The cadre of instructors are tops in the Copic marker field. This has been well worth the investment! The first part has been all practice, learning about the markers, how to use them and how to help make them blend. These are my first practice pages.

copic two part blending gift boxes

copic two part blending balloons

I think I did a nice job and I will be posting more homework later.  Wish me luck!!